The Choices You Make (Book)

Personal book by Artist, Author and Talentcoach Rivelino Rigters. A story about the death of his father, bad role models, wrong choices, burglaries, drugs and arrests. But also how Rivelino chose to break his lifestyle, how he learned from his mistakes and slowly built up a positive existence, in which God, music and young people are central. Rivelino is, among other things, a talent coach and wants to help youngsters and adults  make the right choices.

Released by Ark Media, 2017 in collaboration with LOUD Academy

Recommendation by Candy Dulfer, saxophonist

‘Rivelino Rigters wants to show young people that there is a way out of misery, a way to a positive and even loving existence. Rivelino can be an example of this like no other, and I admire him for that.’

Recommendation Ilco van de Linde, founder of Masterpeace, Bevrijdingspop, Mandelahuisje

“I’m sitting at Hoster het Mandelahuisje, on the IJ in the heart of Amsterdam and staring into space. I’m trying to find the words for Rivelino; that beautiful, inspiring, heart-warming personality, with whom I enjoy working with a lot. A large ship sails by with the name: “Devotion”. Bingo. Devotion. Yes, for me that is Rivelino in one word. He doesn’t just talk about what he stands for, he lives his story. He believes in ‘practice what you preach’, a true doer, who doesn’t move the air but really makes the world a little more beautiful!”



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