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​Candy Dulfer

Rivelino Rigters has had many things against him in his life and had to learn without positive role models and with falling and rising to meet the world just positively and with much love. This is what he does now, and not as a woolly counselor, but as A man who enforces respect and radiates rest. No goody two shoes, but someone who knows how easy it is to fall into that trap and that has too big a heart to let others make the same mistakes.

This is his second book, and it appears alongside his new CD. Every effort is made to show young people a way out of misery, a path to a positive and even loving existence, or at least a life without too much rottenness. Rivelino is an example like to others and I admire him for that


​Claartje Nicolas
Senior Coordinator Bevrijdingsfestivals at Nationaal Comité 4 en 5 mei

Rivelino as a musician will surprise you with his mix of genres, rock vibe and passion that he brings on stage. Together with his serious approach of musicbusiness he's a reliable and enthousiastic partner. The world needs to know Rivelino cause Rivelino knows the world. With his huge network of other artists, professionals and youth in Amsterdam, he's a good artistic manager (see his Loud Foundation) in projects that bring music to kids who need empowerment.


​Luc Ubson
KABOEM Productions

Rivelino is a creative songwriter and performer. He has succesfully experimented with various styles from RnB to Rock to Gospel. He's always trying to push the envelope and come up with a new combination of musical madness. Rivelino is additionally talented off-the-stage as a well known organizer and booker.


​Paul Abspoel
Publisher at Ark Media

Rivelino is an excellent artist and a true friend. He inspires the youth of Amsterdam (and the rest of our country!) with his music, style and authenticity. In a world full of fakes and phonies, it is great to find someone who is honest, pure and relaxed. Go and google COOL and you will probably be directed to my black bro RIV


​Tristan Maguire
Creative Director Native Tongue

Rive is extremely professional and a joy to work with!