About BlackRockStar

Blackrockstar is an Urban Rock Artist, Social Entrepeneur and Talentcoach. He has been professionally active as a singer/songwriter since 2002 and has been performing solo and with his band RIVE in- and on countries and continents such as Spain, Italy, the UK, Africa, USA, Germany and Holland. He has had a huge interest in Lifestyle, Fashion and Music since he was a little kid categorizing songs, styles and everything that moves the heart from a young age.

That’s why he has a large passion in finding and creating new styles in music, fashion and lifestyle for either his own fun or to help others define their own style to adapt to, via creative workshops and creative consultancy. Blackrockstar.com is the creative platform for mindblowing, cutting edge and environment changing initiatives.

From School Dropout To Social Entrepeneur

Coming from an underprivileged area as a youngster Blackrockstar developed a passion for social issues and because of his life experience in handling difficult situations such as being a school drop out, facing court and rehabilitation at a young, his desire to help others get things right has grown immense, therefore he initiated the LOUD ACADEMY. LOUD is an acronym for Living Out Unlimited Dreams. BlackRockStar has been working as a music ambassador for World Vision for more than 8 years leading him to work with youths affected by the hiv and war in Uganda and Ethiopia, helping them find relief by writing and making music with them, to help them express their feelings trough music. Since January 2014 BlackRockStar is an ambassador for Home of Change NL.

From Victim To Talentcoach

Trough his work for the LOUD Foundation BlackRockStar  produces musicvideos and documentaries where he helps youths from underprivileged areas find their talent and passion, in order to raise their selfesteem. BlackRockStar produced several projects in co-operation with people like Arie Boomsma, Andre Rouvoet and Howard Komproe. His primary focus as a talentcoach is to help develop the independence and self governance of youngsters to make them leaders of their own present and future, because you can’t do much about the past but you can do something to change your future.

As a socially involved artist and entrepeneur BlackRockStar likes to socially participate in ways to improve our society. His way of doing so is by helping underprivileged youths discover their talent and passion in order to (re)gain their self esteem. Trough his organisation, the LOUD ACADEMY which stands for Living Out Unlimited Dreams, he hopes to reach youths that usually don’t get the chance to discover what they really want and actually get out there and do it.

For several reasons, like; parents with a low income, a non-motivating environment or a lack of self convidence to pursue their goals and dreams. By teaming up with local, regional and (inter)national organisations, funds, corporations, local inhibitants, companies, ngo’s and governments BlackRockStar writes, develops and produces tools and projects to activate, motivate and stimulate talented youngsters in order to help them achieve their goals. His ultimate goal is to see at least 80% of underprivileged youths get their diploma or skills, and get educated in a field where their true talent and passion lies in. Check the following video for an example of one of the projects BlackRockStar initiated with youths from the urban borough Geuzenveld-Slotermeer in Amsterdam-West.

Next to social projects BlackRockStar likes to push innovation on several levels, be it spiritual, environmental, educational and in society. At the moment he is developing and applying several new learning methods to be implemented in schools and community centres. Next to that BlackRockStar is also busy with giving talentcoaching- and personal development trainings in youth jails and (closed) institutions across the country. The “Straatbijbel” , Dutch for ‘street bible’ is one of his latest projects , promoting the inspiring stories from the gospels in streetslang. Being from a background in where he had some difficult times in education as a youngster he is inspired and driven to help change the educational system in a positive way, this to see that youths find their talent & passion in way that they can develop a positive outlook on their coming school- and workcareer.