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Press release - Stories of a Blackrockstar

On the 9th of Januari Rivelino will premiere his first one-man show Stories of a Blackrockstar in theatre De Meervaart in Amsterdam. During this show he will share his lifestory in 6 scenes varied with acoustic music.


His story is one of the classic ones but special as he was raised in an underprivileged neighbourhood he spent alot of his teenage time in court instead of school. Looking for role models he came in touch with the wrong crowd which led to multiple prison sentences until he discovered his passion for music, theatre and religion atthe age of 16. Thats when he realized he also wanted to help other vulnerable youths discover their passion and stimulate them to follow the right path.

Trough his L.O.U.D. Foundation he helps youngsters in (boarding) schools, youth prisons and in the streets trough creative workshops. This can be rap-workshops but also talent-workshops in which he helps young ones discover their talents. With this he wants to help them get out of their victim mentality and motivate them to take control of their own life. His primary goal as a talentcoach is to increase the independence of these youths.

Performance: 9th of January 2016 at 16:00 pm
Location : Theatre De Meervaart 
Tickets: € 12,50
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