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Hellbrand Leatherworks – iPhone Wallet & Bracelet

Hellbrand Leatherworks – iPhone wallet and Bracelet This Leather IPhone Wallet by Hellbrand Leatherworks, a collaboration of two successful business professionals with a passion for luxury goods Founded, seems like a fit for success. It’s a perfect combo between a … Continue reading

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Logan Zane NY X Bkc Camo IPad Case

Although I’m not rocking the IPad at this particular moment (my girl is) I still like to highlight cool new accessoires for this rocking gadget. Check out this IPad case from Leather brand Logan Zane and Brooklyn-based Brooklyn Circus, who came together (NoBeatles) … Continue reading

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Gourmet 2012 Spring Quattro S LX Gourmet 2012 Spring Quattro S LX

  Behold: Gourmet’s new interpretation of its skate shoe variant, dubbed the Quattro S LX. I love the way this US shoe manufacturer plays with prints and colours, this time using the army green camouflage print topped by a stylish … Continue reading

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Givenchy Black Obsidia Backpack

                  Check out Givency’s glossed leather canvas backpack in black, featuring tonal leather trimmings throughout. Although it looks slick and good, the price of 975 usd $ might be a tad to … Continue reading

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The Sartorialist – On the Street….via Thaon Di Revel, Milan

Photo taken in the streets of Milan, loving the leather quilted scarf by Chanel tucked in the jacket. Source: The Sartorialist.com

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Yiorgos Eleftheriades 2012 Fall/Winter Collection

Greek born Yiorgos Eleftheriades has launched his stylish Fall/Winter 2012 collection. While some of the ‘costumes’ are out of my ‘wearable’ range, I definitely would pick out some of the jackets and blazers to match with my jeans, pantalons or … Continue reading

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Vans Vault TH Engineer Boot LX

Check out the latest offering from Vans Vault collection. “The TH Engineer Boot LX is inspired by an outdoor sensibility while also combining a component of urban utility. Featuring a crepe outsole and super deluxe leather upper, the design harkens … Continue reading

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Parabellum Fall/Winter Collection

Whaddup folks? If you’re into business, be it as an urban creative, sharp tux businessman or a college/masters start up, here is an option of what apparel might suit right ;) . The Parabellum Fall/Winter 2011 Collection is now available … Continue reading

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Gourmet Dicinove

Another stylish exquisite by our American-Italian friends of Gourmet, each produced in a smooth leather finish and topped off with contrasting leather laces and some funky details on the side. Available at your local Gourmet account, that’s Precint-Five for Amsterdam.

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