Rive The Band

RIVE 2013

RIVE is:

Rivelino “Blackrockstar” Rigters Leadvox
Giorgio “Smokin’ Joe” Sitanala – Bassguitar
Elleon ” El Nakata” Noya – Drums
Niki Buzz – Leadguitar

Formed in December 2007 by Rivelino “Blackrockstar” Rigters, RIVE is the ultimate combination of style and expression for the down to earth but amical bandmembers El Nakata, Smokin’ Joe, Mistera and Blackrockstar. Tapping from styles like funk, soul, rock, reggae, gospel, jazz and hiphop, RIVE tries to bring their broad range of influences together in their music which they refer to as “Urban RocK” or also as “Afro Punk”.

Starting off his music career in church as a young singer in the local youth gospelchoir “The Go Gang”, the Gospel has been, and still is, of big influence on his way of displaying his feelings trough his music and lyrics, for leadsinger Rivelino “Blackrockstar” Rigters. After touring extensively as a solo artist visiting countries like Africa, North-America, Germany, Spain, France and Belgium he found his place in his ultimate crossover ; RIVE.
He played venues such as the Gelredome, Paradiso, Melkweg, Heineken Music Hall but also likes the intimacy of a small crowd cause that enables him to interact more closely.

Elleon “El Nakata” Noya was raised by musical parents that toured with the likes of Chaka Khan, Kool & The Gang and Peter Gabriel. This brought him in touch with true artistry at a young age and it was no surprise that he would pick up music as his profession. He played several big international venues in Poland, Germany, UK and more and is the thriving groove backbone of the band.

Niki Buzz is a walking legend, raised in the south of the United States he started his musical career as a drummer. With musical influences around the corner from artists like Percy Sledge, Marvin Gaye and Ray Charles it wasn’t long before he became a professional musician. In the 80’s he got his first major record deal with his rockband Vendetta which led him to several large venues across the US. Next to that he also played in Mother’s Finest and Sly & the Family Stone. As the leadguitarist for RIVE his mesmerizing andpsychedelic guitarsound will surely touch your music heart!

Last but not last, we have Giorgio “Smokin’ Joe” Sitanala, the always grooving bassplayer thats forms our rhythmic tandem with “El Nakata”. His basslines are influenced by greats such as Jacco Pastorius, Victor Wooten, Thundercat and his sound can be described as eclectic electric funk. Being brought up in a musical family there were always music being played in the home, either by his dad, sister or brothers. This propelled into the live music scene which brought him to multiple live sessions and tours across the land. In RIVE he is the definition of bass!

“El Nakata”, “Smokin’ Joe”, “Niki Buzz” and “Blackrockstar” have known each other for quite some years as musicians and friends. RIVE is the ultimate way of combining their friendship onstage trough making music and entertaining people everywhere they go.

All bandmembers have a broad range of influences from the old school B-Boy Hip Hop from Public Enemy, Afrika Bambataa and RUN DMC to the more psychedelic rock sounds of Led Zeppelin and Jimi Hendrix, mash that up with some Stevie Wonder, Bobby Womack and Kirk Franklin. It gives you the potpourri of influences that this band gets it’s influences from.

Most recently they brought out their 3rd release “Hip Hop Junkies”, an ode to their hip hop heroes from the 90’s, mashing up hip hop tracks like “Hip Hop Junkies” , “Straight Outta Compton” into punk rock versions.

At the moment they’re in the studio working on their 4th release, a double single which is expected to be released later in 2013 on BAM Records & Euforia (ITA). Their new double single shall be released in Amsterdam, Rome and London, in co-operation with the Rom/DAM massive; a joint venture between London, Rome and Amsterdam, with bands like EditSelect (UK), Polymore (ITA), Dirty Nova (ITA), Capelle (UK), Fearlab (ITA), Trip to Dover (UK).

Booking & Management

Rivelino Rigters
Tetterodeweg 8
2051 EE   Overveen

Cellphone +31 645 761 555
E-mail       rive@blackrockstar.com


Look and listen

Hip Hop Junkies

Straight Outta Compton


This Time


New Day


Takin’Up My Chances

Saw Me

Best Daddy

New Tracks coming up later this year.

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