#MusicMondays : Playing Your Guitar In Stereo

 Always wanted to get that thick guitarsound of the Foo Fighters, that epic crunch of Marcos Curiel? Well, I’m not sure if you’re gonna get exact that sound but ehm, here some tips to get close ;)

Play your guitar in stereo between two amps, there are a few ways to do this:

Way #1 – Use an A/B/Y Box. This pedal will allow you to plug into two amps, and play them together or separately, which is controlled by a footswitch.

Way #2 – Stereo Delay pedal. Like an A/B/Y Box, there is two outputs, thought one would be for the guitar signal and the other for the delay signal. This way can sound particularly amazing if you set the delay pedal to a slapback setting. Sounds awesome!


Way #3 – Splitter adapter… splits your mono guitar chord in two.


Way #4 – If you are using Marshall Superlead heads, you can do like Hendrix and Page and patch the amps together by putting a cord from the one input of one amp into another input of another amp.

Source: Guitartonetalk.com


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