Porsche Announces Exclusive 911 Club Coupe

In honour of the 60th anniversary of the two oldest Porsche clubs, the German car manufacturer is introducing a super exclusive 911 Club Coupe. The way they coated this green on the car really thrills my excitement for the color green in general, and the silverline details matched with the yellow car holds ups (if that’s the right name), gives my car heart the ba-boom-ba-boom-bumps, hot stuff!

These lean-green-driving-machines come in a limited edition of 13 worldwide and Porsche will keep one ‘on stock’, so that makes the exclusivity higher and the availability lower. If you want to be part of that fortunate dozen, sign up on this special microsite to be selected as one of the buyers. You can sign up till the 16th of June and the voiture is being sold for 175.000 $USD, that’s about 142.000 euros.

Source: Highsnobiety.com

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