Classified Moto “Ripper” XS650

Image Courtesy of Adam Ewing

I totally dig the look and set up of this custom moto “Ripper”, check out the pictures and the story behind it from , enjoy!

“When he was 13 years old, John Ryland was obsessed with BMX bikes. And his favorite was the legendary P.K. Ripper from SE. “It was the pinnacle of cool and I was sure that if I had one, I could get 15 feet of air. Or bunny hop a Mini Cooper.” Thirty years later, John is running Classified Moto and has finally got a P.K. Ripper. He’s also built a custom XS650 to match.

The build didn’t start out as a BMX-inspired project. “At the outset of every project, we create a Photoshop rendering—so the new owner can sign off on the direction,” says John. “This time, the rendering got thrown out the window soon after signoff. A lot of piecemeal suggestions came in. We felt like we were executing someone else’s vision, and it wasn’t looking very ‘Classified’.”

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