‘Colour Outside the Lines’ – A Documentary on Black Tattoo Artists

Production Notes: LA Edition from artemus jenkins on Vimeo.

‘Color Outside The Lines’, a film by Artemus Jenkins and Miya Bailey, will put the spotlight on Black tattoo artists, including AP members such as Zulu and Afro-punk movie director James Spooner. It was brought to our attention by AP member D1V1NE. Watch a preview below, with footage they shot when they traveled to Los Angeles! (film to be released in early 2012)

The project description explains: “The film is the brainchild of one of the world’s most widely recognized black tattoo artists; Miya Bailey. For over 5 years the idea has always been in his head to create a film that not only sheds light on the artform, but also allows the artform to be represented in the right way. There are a lot of stigmas attached to black tattoo artists and their side of the culture; ranging from a lack of creativity to overall poor quality of work. This in turn has lead to artists from other backgrounds and those in the black community choosing to take their business elsewhere in search of quality work. (…) The film highlights the history of black tattoo culture and how it began in the south despite a heavily segregated climate for black artists seeking entry. We cover signature styles and how those styles have developed and influenced newer artists over the years. Tattooing in the media is another important aspect, as it is the biggest factor of how the cultures influence has spread. It is no secret that entertainers and athletes dictate the trends younger generations pick up on and tattooing is no different. What is surprising is despite the money these cultural icons have, some of their work is no better than the kid who got his in a basement down the street from his house. This further deludes the public as to what great artwork looks like and what is available to everyday people.”

Source: AfroPunk.com

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