Woman Tattoos Favorite Rappers Name On Her Forehead : Sick fan or irresponsibe Tattoo Artist?

Wow, my mind is spinning as I’m watching this in a perplex state of mind. As a fervent tattoo admirer and wearer of several tattoos I believe in the freedom of expression trough any art form what so ever, but I feel this is far over the edge of moral acceptance.

Tattoo Artist Kevin Campbell helped a woman get her favourite rapper’s name tattooed on her forehead.

While the name or identity of the woman remains unknown, her pictures have been circulating the internet and have turned viral. This woman has done the unthinkable, even for die-hard fans. She apparently wanted to show off her love for Drake, the Canadian rapstar, so she got his name etched in a place that no one could miss. The photographs themselves were taken by Kevin’s manager and co workers from Will Rise, the L.A. tattoo shop. A close-up shot shows that the woman has shaved off her hair and eyebrows. Kevin confirms this. He says that she came in to the shop that way, asking specifically for the tattoo to be made on her forehead. She had even picked out the font beforehand. According to Kevin, she seemed to be a little high, but pretty sure of  what she wanted. But when the tattoo job was nearing completion, she seemed to have lost a bit of her enthusiasm.

He did lose a night’s sleep after making the tattoo, afraid he’d be called  the a-hole who tattooed “DRAKE” on some drug addict’s forehead.  But he does feel that he’s done the best he could to prevent her from going ahead with it. Kevin says he’ll ask his clients three times if they are sure they think it’s a good idea, and also tell them about the potential consequences of getting a tattoo on the face. Beyond that, it’s up to the customer to take the decision. He does admit though, that he had the choice to turn her away, and didn’t take it. And for that, Kevin’s already facing a lot of criticism from other tattooers.

Do you think it’s solely a Tattoo Artist’s responsibility to accept or refuse border stretching requests like these and should a customers be protected against themselves, or is it their own call? Please leave your thoughts in the comments section. I wonder how rapper Drake feels about this type of fan adorative expressions.

Source: Sumitra, OddityCentral.com

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