Prince @ Melkweg review + tonight 2nd show

With the song ‘Love Is A Losing Game’ His Royal Badness, Prince brought an expected tribute to Amy Winehouse with the beautiful Andy Allo on guitar @ The Melkweg last night.

Last night’s show lasted for almost 2 hours and started with the songs ‘Calhoun Square’. After an hour the little big man played his first big hit, ‘Little Red Corvette’, to be followed by ‘Love Is A Losing Game’, dedicated to Amy Winehouse.

Amongst the played songs were also Nothing Compares 2 U and Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin). Volkskrant-reviewer Menno Pot Twittered the night as ‘a pleasant, often very good night of funk’, we can only imagine ;-) .

According to the attenting musicfans Prince explicitly asked to put away cameras, ‘this ain’t no photoshoot, it’s a party’, plus some words about camera’s being for digital ho’s and teenagers, clear talk…
Tickets were sold cash for 100,- euro, guess they’ll be the same price tonight. Sale started yesterday round 21.00 ish I believe so tonight better get in line on time if you want it…enjoy!

Found some pictures online, not sure if they’re from yesterday’s show, according to the poster’s they are, thanks to Volkskrant, Jochem Geerdink (photos) and Michiel van Abbe, forgive me if I accidentally left your name out with regards to the pictures !

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2 Responses to Prince @ Melkweg review + tonight 2nd show

  1. Wilbert says:

    I was there, and these pics aren’t from yesterday. He was wearing black with a white hat and an all gold stratocaster. He rocked the house.

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