Domeni Co – Contemporary Watches

 “Domenico was born out of passion. A passion to create a different vision of luxury”

I’m very fond of the design aesthetics of the Domeni Co and the idea behind creating this watch. To the creator of these watches, luxury is about evoking emotion. He says ; “If a product or object makes you feel good about yourself, that is a luxury. Luxury shouldn’t be defined by a price point.”

I coudn’t agree more with this vision, I too believe that luxury doesn’t have to cost tons of money, I even believe that luxury isn’t even found perse in goods but if you like a good watch it’s a plus when it doesn’t start with a minimum of 10k ;-) . You can pre-order these now in 3 colours, namely black, gold & silver with variations in the straps. More here..

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Teaser “Fenominaal” of @JoazPalm by @Blackrockstar78

Blackrockstar is currently working on the first musicvideo for Urban Artist Joaz who is also a Fashion & Shoe Designer for Joaz Palm & Hard Work. Check the teaser..

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Blackrockstar Live @ GOOGLE HQ Amsterdam

Blackrockstar Google Flyer

Goodday folks! This evening I have an exclusive live set @ the GOOGLE Headquarters in Amsterdam. My friend and bro George Arakel from EVI-SHARES was asked by Google to organize a special Employment event around the themes Dreams, Ambitions and Goals. As a talentcoach and dreamchaser I am more than happy to share my experience and knowledge trough acoustic vibrations.



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“You Give Me Reason Acoustic” by Rivelino & Band @AmsterdamFM w/ @AmberRoner

Schermafbeelding 2014-09-19 om 11.03.11

Check out an exclusive acoustic performance of “You Give Me Reason” @ Amsterdam FM, hosted by Dj Amber Roner with Rivelino & Band. Enjoy… 

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The Big Interview by Dan Rather with : Jack White , about Life & Career

Schermafbeelding 2014-09-18 om 15.59.02

Check out this cool 1 hour interview with bluesrocker d’extraordinaire, Jack White. The former frontman of the White Strypes tells about his inspires and how faith, culture and existence, play a significant role in his drive for making music. By understanding Jack White a bit more, I understand music a bit more. I’m definitely inspired and thinking of going to Tennessee myself to soak up some music! Enjoy…

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Episode 3 of BlackrockTV featuring the Dinecklace by @ByDinaHartandi

Check out episode 3 of BlackrockTV featuring the Dinecklace by designer Dina Edwards.

Enjoy and share…


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#Musicologist : Heartbeat of Amsterdam New-West

Schermafbeelding 2014-09-12 om 11.59.36

Check out this little musical gem produced by director Anastasis Sarakatsanos and produced by DW-RS in collabo with Bureau Barel and Public Cinema. It’s a musical blend of all the best that Amsterdam New-West has to offer, it’s the exotic west up in your grill! Rivelino Rigters aka Blackrockstar aka c’est moi ;) , is featured in the video and I’ve used an excerpt of RIVE’s song “Kawina Rebel”, of which you can find the original on Itunes via this link. Enjoy the video and share please for the love of music! 

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Season 6 Of Breaking Bad a Hoax

The National Report has claimed that Emmy award-winning show Breaking Bad is to return with a season 6 and published ‘quotes’ from Vince Gilligan and Bryan Cranston ‘confirming’ it, but – and it’s probably for the best – there won’t be any new episodes and the whole thing is entirely fake.

So we fell it for it with our eyes wide open haha..too bad It’s not true but other cool news is that the Spin Off, “Better Call Saul”, is premiering February 2015. It’ll be a small reliëf for the pain..


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Season 6 of Breaking Bad Officially Announced


Director Vince Gilligan of the award-winning show Breaking Bad has officially announced in a CNN phone interview that Season 6 is coming! Walter White is still alive and kicking and his comrad Jesse Pinkman is gonna make his appearance as well, next to “Better Call Saul”, Odenkirk, the shady yet extremely funny lawyer we all know from this hit series.

Gilligan explained how the decision came about to do a season six.

“Bryan [Cranston] called me up about five months ago and said he had this incredibly lucid dream in which Walt wakes up in a hospital bed surrounded by the DEA, ends up breaking out of prison and finds out he’s got fans,” Gilligan said. “This isn’t a redemption story, it’s got a bleak, dark premise. I can’t give away any more of the details, but let’s just say Walt has quite a bit of unfinished business to attend to, and it sure as hell has nothing to do with teaching high school science.”

Season 6 is scheduled to begin shooting January 2015. Listen to the phone interview in the following video.[click to watch]


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Nike Air Huarache Hyper

Nike Air Huarache Hyper Punch side

Nike latest release, the Huarache Hyper Punch, has caught my eye. The matte black upper, combined with the neon pink sole is a fine combination of color and design, they could have left out the green backlabel in my opinion but that’s a matter of personal taste I guess. I greet and warmly welcome this new edition of the Huarache family into life, you can find it in a retailer near you…peace!

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