Brixton Fall 2014 Video

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Check out the new Brixton Fall Video 2014..nice to see them adding more color to the spectrum of folks, more of that please folks!

Brixton Fall 2014 from BRIXTON on Vimeo.

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The Simpsons meets Family Guy – Trailer

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I have a confession to make ; I’m a big fan of Family Guy! Some may call it genius, some says it’s stupid tv, I say it’s both : ingeniusly stupid television haha! And what’s even cooler, they’re teaming up with the one and only Simpsons family. No news yet on when this will be aired but you can warm up for this epic episode by watching the trailer below!

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Disciplines of Dressing by #ArtComesFirst

Art Comes First DOD     One of my favorite sartorial collectives, ACF (Art Comes First), have released a 96 page photobook that accompanies a series of six short films presenting the sartorial standards of Art Comes First. Founded by two inspiring fashion craftsmen, Sam Lambert and Shaka Maidoh, ACF is a network of craftsman, artisans and designers that collaborate on creative sartorial endeavours. Watch the six videos below and purchase the book here.

Disciplines of Dressing – Part 6 – Hat & Glasses from R U L E O F T H R E E on Vimeo.

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#Musicologist Vote for Donnee ft. Rivelino @ Summerjam Acoustic Stage

acoustic sessions flyer

Yo my people, my girl Donnee has entered the Summerjam contest for a change to perform in front of 30.000 people with her own acoustic track “We Gotta Unite”. I helped her out on guitar and backingvocals. You can vote via this link and you will also find my acoustic version of “Hope” on which you can also vote so help a people dem out an support good tunes! Blessed!!

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Benefit + Single Release Rivelino


On the 9th of May, 2014 Blackrockstar, BAM Records and LOUD Academy are joining forces to raise funds for Home of Change by organizing a benefit concert. Several artists will participate including Orville Zichterman, Roos Blufpand, Faatje, DnD, J. Kasiman, Rigters & Bruin, PuntNL MC, Rivelino & Band, MC LAZY and many more…

+ official single release Rivelino

Location CC Music Cafe
Adress Oude Rustenburgerstr 354
City Amsterdam

Time 19.00 – 22.00
Entrance € 5,- (donated)

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#Musicologist Rivelino – Weekly Demo #9 “Rise After The Fall”

Weekly Demo #9

Check out Weekly Demo #9 by myself, dedicated to a special friend who’s going trough a rough time. Titled “Rise After The Fall”, share and like if you do, thanx! Riv

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#TattooTuesdays Girls ‘n Pieces


I Just love girls with a good piece on their human canvas, so I’m happy to share with you this selection of models and tattoo pieces that I came across while surfing tumblr…enjoy! Riv






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#Musicologist Behind The Scenes “Rivelino” Short Doc

Behind the scenes "Rivelino"

Behind the scenes footage of the short doc “Rivelino” that will be released tomorrow!

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#Gamechaser Assassin’s Creed Unity Teaser Trailer


In my adolescent years while growing up I was a fervent Nintendo gamer messing around with classics such as the legend of Zelda, Ikari Warriors, Mario and stuff like that. Decades later the gaming industry has become a billion dollar operation repping games with ultra quality visuals that can compete with any animated release! One of my favorite games of this moment is Assassin’s Creed, I play it on my smartphone, and it has that high intensity that can test your nerve to the very max! Although it’s not suitable for the younger eyes, it is a gem to behance and interact with. Check out this trailer for the upcoming Assassin’s Creed release “Unity”, I’m just loving the hyperrealistic images and looking forward to the actual game.

Source :

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#Fashionist First Concept for Blackrockstar Label

Blackrockstar 1st Concept Shirt Hey my people, as you know I think highly of your opinion, that’s why I’m curious to get your feedback on the first concept for our Blackrockstar Label.  Please let me know your thoughts via the comments section here below, thx…Blackrockstar

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